Liver Decongestant (2 oz.) |

Liver Decongestant (2 oz.)

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    Concentrated Tea Extract    

    • Liver flush to restore optimal function

    • Enjoy more energy and smoother digestion

    • Resolve environmental sensitivities 

    Formerly sold as Liver Decongestant Tea, a loose-tea blend, our new liquid Liver Decongestant formula provides the same benefits as the tea, but in an easy-to-take liquid extract. This cleansing blend of herbs, as recommended by Herbalist Dr. Christopher Hobbs, has a slightly warming and opening effect on the liver. It helps to address reduced liver function which is caused by the buildup of toxins. Clearing out this congestion and buildup helps restore ideal function for vibrant health. 


    Extracts from: Dandelion root, Burdock root, Fennel seed, Ginger root, Mugwort herb, and Milk Thistle seed.


    Suggested Use: 

    12+ yrs: 1/2 tsp.

    3 times daily, either in 8 oz. of warm water or followed by a cup of water. 

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