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Teasel Root

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    Teasel Root is a natural treatment, which can be safely used, adjunctively with modern antibiotic treatment, for Lyme disease.

    As the warm weather begins to once again make its way into our life so does the threat of Lyme, a tick-borne wickedness here in New England. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by a "spirochete" (spirochetes are long, thin, spiral-shaped bacteria that have flagella or tails). In the United States, the actual name of the Lyme bacterium is Borrelia burgdorferi. In Europe, another bacterium, Borrelia afzelii, also produces Lyme disease.

    A natural treatment, which can be safely used, adjunctively with modern antibiotic treatment, is the use of Teasel Root. Teasel is a common name for some members of the Dipsacaceae, a family of chiefly Old World herbs found mostly in the Mediterranean and Balkan areas but can range from India and to South Africa. Species of Dipsacus and Scabiosa have become widely naturalized in America. Scabiosa, commonly called sweet scabious, mourning bride, or pincushion flower (for its head of small, lacy flowers) includes several ornamentals and was formerly used as a remedy for scabies.


    Add drops of teasel root tincture in warm water or tea.

    Day one: 1 drop
    Day two: 1 drop 2X
    Day three: 1 drop 3x
    Day four: 2 drops, then 1 drop, then 1 drop
    Day five: 2 drops, then 2 drops, then 1 drop
    Day six: 2 drops 3x
    Day seven: 3 drops, then 2 drops, then 2 drops
    Day eight: 3 drops, then 3 drops, then 2 drops
    Day nine: 3 drops 3x

    Continue the 9 drops per day for 6-12 weeks.

    Please note: If the above dosage does not seem to be strong enough (whether by your weight or severity of the disease) you may increase to 15 drops 3 times per day. Do not go over 15 drops, three times per day.

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